Windows 10 is bringing one of iOS and Android’s best features

Microsoft has unveiled Windows 10 will soon offer users picture-in-picture in support.

Microsoft has just added for Windows 10 one of the best features on Android and iOS: picture-in-picture. In essence, this feature is designed to help users easily use variety of apps at the same time.

So, if you want to work on a boring Word spreadsheet you can take the edge off by watching a video or chatting with a friend on Skype without having to split windows.

Coming as part of a Creators Studio update, the ‘Compact Overlay’ feature, which will be available to all developers building Universal Windows Apps. Microsoft apps such as Movies & TV hay Skype will support Compact Overlay, this allow users watch TV shows or Skype video but still have space for other apps.

This feature is on trial in Windows 10 build 15031. Dynamic Lock feature also integrated based on Bluetooth pairing with smartphone. If the smartphone is away from Windows 10 PC, it will automatically lock the PC.

This Creators studio update will be available for all users in April.


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