Why is iPhone in some countries much higher than the US market?

You can spend $650 to buy iPhone 7 in the U.S. market, however other countries such as Brazil, Turkey, you have to pay an extra 50% to but it. So what is the cause?

In particular, many of the features of iPhone exist only in the United State and not even in other places. This is understood as a fragmentation. Siri can be considered as a sample because it offers very limited languages.

Siri is only available in a few languages and it has been the core features of the iPhone since iPhone 4S. There are a large number of countries that cannot use Siri because this voice assistant does not support that country language. This is considered a huge issue because Siri is a core part for the devices around iPhone. If Siri does not work with your language, will you be willing to buy a new HomePod at a higher price than the U.S. market? The same question applies to AirPod and other Apple products.

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that appears for a while, but this service is only available in a fraction of the Apple market.

Thus, does the higher price for iPhone or Apple Watch in many markets derive from its core functions simply not supporting that market?

When in the US, user will have smart suggestions: nearby restaurants, bookings, tickets for events, venues, movie information, reviews, and dictionaries but very few of these are released outside the US market. For example, Apple News is not a good one when it is only available to US, UK and Australia. It has been over a year since its launch, and it’s still not available to most people around the world.

Apple Maps simply does not work well in many countries, not mention features like Flyover detection are only available for a few cities. While Transit navigation does not appear for most countries.

Moreover, other main functions are either limited or simply not working as predicted incorrectly in languages other than English, or CarPlay does not support all the different countries.

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