What website is Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO read every day?

The Techmeme site, founded by Gabe Rivera, draws huge traffic from well-known tech giants CEO like Mark Zuckerberg.

Gabe Rivera was originally a software engineer at Intel. In September 2005, he founded tech.memeorandum, later renamed Techmeme. The site is non-funded, living on Gabe Rivera’s own money.

Techmeme is certainly not comparable to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. However, the “readers” of this page are famous technology people such as Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Sundar Pichai of Google or LinkedIn‘s Jeff Weiner.

The famous technology site Techmeme interface. Photo: BuzzFeed

“This site is always the first thing I have to check every morning, range from 3 to 5 times daily. I find that many Silicon Valley colleagues have access to it including journalists. The news on the site often does not follow the hot news that is much sought after, but Rivera is the one who created them so that other reporters jump into the news,” Hunter Walk – former YouTube production director shared.

Techmeme attracts powerful people in high technology. As a Techmeme founder, Rivera soon shaped Silicon Valley’s way of working for intermediary power brokers for more than a decade.

However, Rivera feels unhappy and does not want to admit that his influence on one of the world’s largest smokeless industries is so great.

So Techmeme’s founder is always on the brink of being in the business of catching up on information and an anonymous entrepreneur running a normal technology blog at home. It is true that it is a paradoxical work but full of money.

Techmeme automatically finds and synthesizes information technology from a special, reliable source. The strange thing about the success of the site is that it does not have any original articles or newsletters that are completely self-assembled from many places and are not a social network for tech people.

Moreover, Techmeme does not have a full application on smartphone, or newsletter (invitations to receive emails from the Web site), even the Twitter account, so inviting users to access is absolutely not available.

Techmeme’s main income is through syndicated writings as well as rents for syndication of other technology corporations that Rivera has created a clear list of interface page called “who Is hiring?”

In addition, the title of the news on the Web site is usually one or more specific numbers, not in the category of snippets or abstracts in the article. For example, the original title of the TechCrunch site would be “Facebook and Google dominate the top of the top 2016 apps”.

Meanwhile, at Techmeme, the headline was changed to “Nielsen’s exclusive and exclusive appraisal of top apps in 2016: Facebook increased 14% to 146 million downloads, Messenger increased 28% to 129 million, Youtube up 20% with 113 million, Amazon ranks 10, 43% with 65 million.”

News headlines on Techmeme. Photo: BuzzFeed

“Reading Techmeme is the best way to keep up with current technology news. The Web is like a small restaurant of your own, serving all the food you love. Techmeme always brings a lot of fresh and hot news but no surplus or lack of a base for techies”, Joe Brown – Popular Science editor said.

“After checking email, Techmeme is a site that I always visit every morning. If your company is well appreciated on Techmeme, it means it is operating well. But, if your company suddenly drops on the page, you’ll have to think of ways to improve immediately”, Chris Dale, chief of news and media affairs at Youtube, told Buzz Feed.

Every day, Techmeme site has to choose from 30 to 40 news to be listed among thousands of other news. Rivera and coworkers must carefully select the news that matters and not.

“Assuming there is news about sexual harassment in a certain company, what aspect of news should we put forward? If we put up one detail about the scandal, people would think that Techmeme was jerking off the view and was lost. So, I and my colleagues decided to let people know about the economic aspect, how the company would be reduced in terms of specific data”, Rivera shared.

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  • April 3, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    This is very interesting to see what our northern Silicon Valley California neighbors look at. Us southern Aerospace geeks look at Aerospace but mainly World politics because we have an impact as well as that impacts us, especially here at home in the USA. I think Mark is an extraordinary person doing exceptional things. Thank You for this interesting read now I will be a fan of reading techmeme

    • April 4, 2017 at 1:22 am

      You think so right. 🙂


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