What did smartphone giants bring to MWC 2017?

Most of the technology brands around the world are annual on Barcelona (Spain) to attend the Mobile World Congress (MWC). According to Neowin, the following would be the most important point at this year’s exhibition.


It is the time for Nokia to declare back to smartphone market after Microsoft purchased its mobile business. However, the brand will not directly produce and provide users their phone, Nokia licensees its brand to their partner Global HMD (Finland) and FIH Mobile Foxconn.

It also brought three smartphones –the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6, especially Nokia is bringing back the near-indestructible 3310 feature phone.


Despite closing to dying out, Blackberry is set to release its Android based Mercury phone that will the feature of physical keyboard with the unique design.


Samsung is not debut a new smartphone at MWC this year. Instead, a Galaxy Tab S3 tablet was showed up at this event. Galaxy Tab S3 is provided with Super AMOLED 9.6 display, supportive keyboard accessory and S pen. Instead of Snapdragon 835processors, Galaxy Tab S3 is equipping with Snapdragon 82x.


We have heard a lot of rumors about its next smartphone generation in 2107 LG G6. The emphasis of this phone is there is no module design as in G5, instead, it switches to the monolithic design. The G6 display use ratio 18:9, rounded corners and edges ultrathin. This smartphone is also a waterproof product.


Sony brought a bunch of new Xperia phone at the MWC, included Sony XA1, XA1 ultra, XZ Premium, XZs.




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