Wave of Bluetooth 5 devices will be launched next year

After launching of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, iPhone and Galaxy Note 8 are expected to come with the latest Bluetooth 5, which will open the door to wireless widespread adoption next year.

According to Theverge, the Bluetooth 4.0 – 4.2 markets will last for at least several years. If you buy a new smartphone at the present time, you will be stuck with slower peripherals that cannot take advantage of the Bluetooth 5 generation.

Bluetooth 5 can transfer data twice, compared to the speed of Bluetooth 4.2 and it can also operate at longer distances. In theory, the Galaxy S8 combined with Bluetooth Speaker 5 can operate up to 80 meters apart. Due to the influence of the wall and the terrain, it probably will not be able to work that far, as Bluetooth devices 4.2 cannot operate to a limit of 20 meters. But anyway it’s a far farther number than its predecessor.

In general, for a regular home today, you can comfortably listen to music from your Galaxy S8 via Bluetooth 5 speakers / headphones everywhere, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Moreover, the improvements of Bluetooth 5 also extend to the devices in the Connectivity era, or simply Internet of Things (IOT), where Bluetooth 5 is a fundamental replacement for WiFi connectivity in smart appliances. Companies have not to start produced Bluetooth 5 enabled devices. However, things will start to change in the next few months.

Anker said it would begin selling Bluetooth 5 products later this year or early next year after the company needed more time to test the product. While Incipio Group, which is behind Griffin, Braven and Incase, says it will not launch any Bluetooth 5 products this year, but plans to launch it in the first half of next year.

“We cannot deny the advantages of Bluetooth 5, but to take advantage of the features of this standard, you need a handheld device or storage device that supports it,” said Incipio Group spokesman. This is a new standard, and the devices that support it are still limited.

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