WatchOS 4: New look, features and performance on Apple Watch

At the WWDC 2019, Apple introduced the next version of the Apple Watch OS, watch OS 4 to be releases later this fall.

The updated watch OS 4 is closely linked to the iOS platform announced by Apple at WWCD 2017. The upgrade brings users everything they need on the Apple Watch. Not only does it bring a whole new dimension to the watch, but also it adds a host of compelling features and improves the performance of the Apple Smart Watch.

Watch OS 4 will include a more fashionable face and support Siri. The Siri feature will use an artificial intelligent platform to determine what information which is the most useful for user in certain time. Information include boarding passes, sunset times smartphone control, etc.

Moreover, Apple also has developed a kaleidoscope and watch face with new character to complement the options available such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The new characters include Woody, Jesse and Buzz from Toy Story.

It is not surprise when Watch 4 comes with some health monitoring support features from the watch such as the new user interface for workout applications coming from the gym equipment.

User will be received information about the intensity of the episode to more accurate in doing exercise. Apple added that users could link to the gym through NFC.

Moreover, the music management function was improved in Watch OS 4, which automatically updates Apple Music playlist and can support multiple playlist. Apple also has redesigned the dock with a vertical interface to navigate recent applications.

In general, the Watch OS 4, which Apple has shown, does not much change from the Watch OS 3. However, it will identify specific areas to improve user’s experience. Developers are able to access the preview version of Watch OS 4.

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