Virus extortion attacks a host of banking, European terminal

An attack has crippled many banks, airports, ATMs and some large European businesses.

According to The Verge, a type of malicious (ransomware) has just attacked and caused many offices, companies in Europe to suspend operations. In particular, the most influential is noted in Ukraine when the central bank, national telecommunication network, subway station, Boryspil airport in Kiev had to suspend operation. It even affects ATMs and large shopping centers in the country.

The impact of the attack spread across Europe as Denmark well- known shipping companies Maersk and Russian company confirmed that many their websites had collapsed. The Russian company Rosneft was also attacked and did not estimate the extent of the damage. Moreover, some US-based companies considered it as a new type of malicious code.

An expert from Kaspersky Lab said that the virus that created the mass attack was called Petwrap, a mutation from the malicious code call Petya, which had been uncovered since March. Only four of the 61 security tools can detect this virus. The way new blackmail virus spreads considered to be as dangerous as WannaCry based on the Windows Eternal Blue. During the infection, Petrwap virus encrypts the computer’s data requires a Bitcoin ransom, equivalent to about $ 2.300.

Currently, there is no clear way to prevent and stop the spread of this new type of malicious code.

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