[VIDEO] An amazing review of the new BMW 5-Series from Consumer Reports

Helping the BMW 5-Series to become more luxurious, BMW at the same time has made the sports factor in this car drastically reduced.

Redesigned from the start, the new BMW 5-Series is a great car for high-speed driving with a pleasant driving feel. However, for rugged roads, the Jaguar XF is a better choice than the 5-Series, which is shared by Consumer Reports after driving the 530i xDrive.

Consumer Reports’ assessment also shows that the BMW 5-Series’s gesture control system makes driving control more difficult, because the driver must be attention to doing the right thing when want to use some feature of the car.

In fact, advanced safety features such as automatic emergency braking when detecting the possibility of a frontal collision are optional and cost a significant amount of money to the customer. This caused the 5-Series to lose points with the CR, especially when the sedan is priced from more than $52,000 in the United States, the highest priced version costs $65,000.

In addition to some of the imperfections listed above, the new BMW 5-Series still possesses the positive attributes as the cabin of sound insulation almost absolute, the technology inside the car is wireless charging features for smartphones and increased power come from the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder.

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