UK and US ban laptops in cabins on flights from several countries

Laptops and other electronic devices are officially banned from cabins on flights from Turkey, some Middle East countries and North Africa to the US and UK.

9 airlines from 8 countries including Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are all affected by the US ban. These airlines have about 50 flights to the US each day.

Meanwhile, the UK ban affects all flights from Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Lebanon.

Accordingly, any electronics, including smartphones, more than 16 centimeters long, 9.3 centimeters wide and 1.5 centimeters thick, are not allowed on the cabin. However, most mobile phones are smaller than this standard, so portable handsets are available, while laptops and tablet PCs are in violation.

Speaking about the reason for the ban, the US Department of Homeland Security has cited airport and airport attacks in the past two years. In October 2015, a bomb was hidden in an object such as a water can, blowing up a Russian aircraft carrying 224 people. Last year a laptop was used in an unsuccessful attack in Somalia.

According to the Guardian, European security experts will meet this week to discuss the US and UK ban. Meanwhile, Recep Tayyip Erdogan – Turkish President  has demanded the United States and Britain lift the ban on it as soon as possible.

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