TSMC reactivated after virus attack

TSMC – Taiwan’s processor company has returned to normal after a virus attack last week.

Apple’s processor vendor, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co) has been hit by a virus over the weekend. According to the firm, the virus is in the form of extortion, the way it works is similar to WannaCry virus has been so famous in the past. The virus has locked up more than 10,000 of its computers, and requires a large amount of bitcoin to be able to resume operation.

TSMC estimates the attack will cut the company’s 2% profit this quarter. It also delayed operations, leading to late delivery to partners – including Apple is rushing to perfect its iPhone 2018 products. However, the company also assures partner companies that their confidential information is kept secure.

Earlier this week, TSMC was back to normal after fixing the problem. This is the first time that TSMC has been attacked in such a large scale, so the company has fallen into the passive position. According to TSMC’s representative, this will be the first and last time the company will be attacked, as there will be more security measures in the future.

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