Toyota introduced 2017 Hilux TRD priced from $45,135

Toyota recently launched a new Hilux TRD 2017, unlike its “predecessor”, the new Hilux TRD is stronger and the exterior is more eye catching.

With a starting price of US $45,135, the US pickup is based on the most advanced twin cabin SR5, while also featuring a specially designed grille, lower bumpers, front bumpers and red oil cactus pads have been refined.

2017 Toyota HiLux with TRD accessories

The body is available in two black or white colors and is equipped with sporty 18-inch six-spoke alloy wheels, wheels are painted in matte black. The new Toyota Hilux TRD also benefits from a TRD mudguard, headlamp protection, seat-protecting Tonneau, traction boosters, and more specific updates than the regular Hilux version.

2017 Toyota HiLux with TRD accessories

On the transmission, the power of the new Hilux TRD comes from the 2.8 liter turbocharged supercharged engine producing 136 horsepower and 420Nm of torque, plus a six-speed manual transmission. When choosing 6-speed automatic transmission, the torque is raised to 450Nm.

2017 Toyota HiLux with TRD accessories

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