These features are expected to help the Galaxy S8 “overwhelm” iPhone 8

Both Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 have not officially been released. However, through the leaked information in recent times, these features are available for two eagerly anticipated smartphones this year have been unveiled.

According to BGR, Samsung will launch Galaxy S8 two different phones in the first half of 2017. Then, Apple will launch the latest iPhone 8, the same duo and 7S 7S iPhone Plus in September.

However, the more likely there will be a lot of features on Galaxy S8 that users cannot find on the iPhone 8

Iris scanners

Adding the ability to protect the machine is always a good thing, and iris scanning feature is the ability to secure very convenient that ever offered on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year. This feature allows users to unlock their phones and access to a special folder safe with your iris.

Iris scanners may soon be integrated to perform many functions on Samsung phones, such as mobile payment authentication. In particular, Galaxy S8 will integrate the iris scanning feature located on the front of the phone, above the screen.

Desktop mode

This new feature is a potential option can bring change for S8 Galaxy when debut. Portable devices are expected to accompany the desktop mode, allowing users to connect to a monitor to turning into a real computer.

This solution is very similar to what we saw with the HP Elite x3, but the basic difference is that instead of running Windows, Galaxy S8 will become a computer running Android exciting.

Beast mode

Another new feature is the report will be available on the next leading smartphone Samsung is Beast mode. It is a completely new feature that Apple has not set up iPhone.

This special feature will essentially help improve strength Galaxy S8 at optimal levels in order to take advantage of the computing power of the product. It is useful for gaming or other heavy resource needs and especially can accelerate the charging process.

MicroSD card support

Apple has earned a lot of money to force users to buy the iPhone version has much greater capacity to more storage space, because the iPhone does not support the ability to expand the external memory card.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S8 is reported to be bundled with a microSD card slot capable of supporting microSDXC cards up to 2 TB.

3.5 mm audio port

With the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has removed 3.5 mm audio port, will not be too surprised if the iPhone 8 also does this.

Meanwhile, the recent news that Samsung will keep the 3.5 mm audio port on the Galaxy S8, this helps the users who favorite music with wired headsets can still use it on Samsung’s new smartphone easily.

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