The ‘weapons’ iPhone 8 needed to ‘knockout’ Galaxy S8

iPhone is currently the best-selling smartphone in the world, but what Samsung has shown on Galaxy S8 is enough for Apple to worry about.

Apple has been proud of the technology on the iPhone five years ahead of its competitors, but that has changed. iPhone is becoming blurry with small adjustments and not new, though still leading the market. Meanwhile, Samsung has released the Galaxy S8 has been remarked as “the most beautiful smartphone on the market” with infinity screen, powerful eight-core chips.

However, CNET claims that South Korean company are not comfortable as Apple is quietly developing the 10th anniversary iPhone with some leaky features that resemble Galaxy S8.

Screen has no border

Ultra-thin screen border is the trend of high-end smartphones in 2017. From the end of 2016, many sources have confirmed that the iPhone 8 will have ultra-thin screen border design. The screen of the Galaxy S8 occupies 83% of the frontal area, which means that Apple has the golden chance to raise this ratio higher when switching from LCD to OLED technology.

iPhone 8 with no border concept

New fingerprint recognition technology

By using the infinity screen, Samsung is forced to transfer the fingerprint sensor to the back. This position is considered reasonable because the Galaxy S8 no longer has the physical Home button, but this design also makes the back of the cumbersome machine. Meanwhile, Apple is owning a patent for image-based ultrasound technology, which will allow Apple devices can read fingerprints directly through the screen, rather than requiring a physical sensor button like today.

IPhone 8 with fingerprint sensor below the screen

Camera and virtual reality technology

In addition to the fingerprint sensor, there are other ways to unlock the phone like iris and face recognition. However, even Samsung admitted that the following two solutions are not really safe. Apple could improve it by integrating AI artificial intelligence to not only be able to recognize faces but also match the face with the surrounding environment for more accurate identification.

According to Bloomberg, US technology firms are also actively pursuing AR (Augmented Reality) solutions. One of them is to allow users to change the focus point, the depth of the photo after the capture. Users can also separate objects in the photo, such as the head and rotate it 180 degrees.

Battery capacity

When the high-end phones are beautiful, they have the same feature, the battery will become the “star” to attract users. iPhone has never been rated for battery capacity but this year Apple may have an advantage when Samsung decides to play cautiously. After the breakdown of Note 7, South Korea company did not raise the Galaxy S8’s battery capacity compared to S7 despite S8 has larger screen and consumes more power.

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