The US military wants to stimulate human brain to create super-warrior

DARPA believes that the use of electrical impulses on the brain of soldiers can help them to increase their cognitive and training speed.

The TNT program can help US soldiers learn faster. Photo: DARPA.

The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is investing funding for the Targeted Neuroplasticity Training (TNT) program. The goal is to study the use of electrical stimulation for the brain, improve the ability to learn and speed up training for US soldiers, Gizmodo reported today.

If successful, TNT will help the soldier quickly complete complex skills that require thousands of hours of training, typically learning a foreign language. DARPA has funded 8 different projects to serve the TNT program.

Scientists are exploring the biochemical mechanisms that help the brain adapt to learning when stimulated. This effect was studied by the University of Texas, after receiving an investment of $8.5 million from DARPA. A team will work with intelligence analysts and foreign languages to optimize the learning process.

DARPA is comparing implantation technology directly to the brain with external stimulation, to avoid danger to the lives of soldiers, as well as undesirable effects during the test.

TNT is expected to last for 4 years. DARPA wants this stimulus to increase by at least 30% the results of training for soldiers.

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