The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a 4K screen

While a lot of people still doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to happen after the flaming Note 7 debacle, all information firmly point out that Note 8 is going to appear and be one of the most powerful smartphone ever. A series of top-end specs will come together to create the phone that is extremely fast, impressive to look at and it needs a 4K screen.

There are a lot of ideas that user do not need such technology in their phone.  For example, there is content coming for the Sony Xperia XZ Premium (the only phone owns Ultra resolution) it’s not going to make that much difference on a small screen. It is a gimmick.

Samsung thought about the tech for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, but Kyle Brown, head of technology, content and launch management at Samsung told that they did not feel the time is right for it right now.  The problem is there is not going to be a good time for a 4K screen on a smartphone for day to day for use, but there is time when it comes to the VR. The upgrade to a 4K display would have a direct and impressive effect on the quality if the virtual experience.

The obvious issue with packing 4K display into a smartphone is that you need much more power to drive those extra pixels. There would be a small perception of gained display quality, but largely you’d be looking at a screen that is draining the battery for no good reason. This is something that Samsung already recognize with the current QHD screen- the Galaxy S8 automatically start off in Full HD, and users can switch it up.

The question is why Samsung put such a high- sharpness screen into a phone and then turn it off, Brown says that one of the key benefits is for VR or Gaming, but for every day using such as internet browsing, messaging, and so on users do not really need a QHD tech.

It is obvious that there is no simple case of slinging in more pixels and VR instantly looking better. Work needs to be done by app developers to code in the improved resolution, apps would possibly cost more and there would be inconsistencies between which phone can perform which tasks in Gear VR.



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