The risk of being monitored when using 3G and 4G


Security vulnerability allows hackers to monitor location when the phone is connected to the Internet via 3G or 4G networks.

A research team has discovered vulnerabilities that allow hackers to track users via 3G and 4G. The report was presented at the Black Hat Conference on July 26 in Las Vegas

As described, a vulnerability in the storage counter is used by network operators to authenticate the device and prevent exploits from being exploited. Hackers can rely on this vulnerability to attack targets, including real time tracking of calls, messages and location tracking of these smartphone.

The flaw also paves a way for the creation of a device that allows downgrading the connection for 4G or 3G to 2G for easy location tracking or interception. The cost to make the device is about $ 1.500, this is not much money, thus any hacker can own

With this attack, anyone who own smartphone connected to the Internet via 3G, 4G is monitored. It is really dangerous when the followers are government official who play the important role of business or organization.

“The vulnerability affects all network operators in the world, including those using the most up-to-date equipment”, Borgaonkar said.

At present, researchers still have no method to patch the vulnerability. The way to prevent it is also limited, the reason partly because the mobile operating system can only detect the attack if it is software, cannot detect the attack through radio waves.

The researchers hope problem will soon be improved with a security patch. However, to prevent it completely, it may be necessary to wait until the 5G network is deployed.

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