The reason Facebook assesses the level of trustworthiness of users

In an effort to fight the fake news, over time, Facebook has silently conducted the evaluation of the reliability of users on a scale from 0 to 1.

According to Facebook, the reason for conducting a user rating is because so many people have reported or flagged articles they believe are fake, just because they do not like or disagree with the inside. the content of that article.

Over the past year or so, Facebook has sent articles that have been reported to be fake or inaccurate by a third party for verification. Based on that testimony, Facebook will credit the reported user. If a user frequently reports wrong, their credibility will decrease and vice versa.

Each user will have a certain level of credibility on a scale of 0 to 1. This will be a gauge for Facebook to assess the credibility of the information that the user reports to Facebook. Facebook does not disclose specific criteria to evaluate the credibility of each user.

According to Facebook, this is one of the many tools that the world’s largest social network uses to increase the effectiveness of the campaign against fake forgery of all sorts of things ranging from passports to banknotes to precious Russian nestingdolls and remove those who use social networking to cause information disturbance, serving the purpose of not clear, one of the problems not only Facebook is facing.

Although Facebook claims that this user rating is merely a fight against fake news, it’s understandable that many Facebook users have been exposed. Fear that the results of this evaluation may also be used for other purposes they are not known to.

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