The Power Master App has been available In A New Update of ZenFone 3 Max


Asus has given out the update for their ZenFone 3 Max smartphone. ZenFone 3 Max was considered Asus’ budget smartphone which was announced in July last year. With this update, it got some new great features and improvements such as fingerprint scanner, phone’s camera, etc.

According to company, the app that Asus added along with this update called “Power Master”, it has been added to better the battery performance. When this feature is enabled, the device’s battery life will be doubled. By monitoring and analyzing how much electricity is being charged to the battery each time the device is connected to a charging source, the application optimizes the amplitude of the current as well as the density of the battery charged to the device. Helps extend the life of the battery.

Thanks to the unique recharging feature, the 5.5-inch ZenFone 3 Max also has the ability to make backup batteries for other devices. This feature is required via the USB OTG cable (included in the box of the ZenFone 3 Max) to connect to the device to be charged via USB. Two recharge modes supported by ZenFone 3 Max are normal charging via an OTG data connection (both charging and data transfer between the two) and high-performance charging (charging only, no data transfer).

There have some features which were also updated such as display performance, touch performance and charging LED effect.

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