The new Mercedes-AMG GT R will have price up to $157,000 in the United States

Coming to US dealers this summer, the new Mercedes-AMG GT R will have price up to $157,000, in both Coupe and Roadster styles.

The GT R version with sportcar technology developed on one of the most rigorous racing lines in the world, the Nurburgring Nordschleife, is sure to take the top spot in the Mercedes-AMG GT lineup.

The “heart” of the Mercedes-AMG GT R is a 4.0 liter V8 engine producing 577 Hp and 700Nm of maximum torque. Thanks to these figures, the sportcar can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds, before reaching a top speed of 318 km/h.

Thus, the Mercedes-AMG GT R is faster than the Mercedes-AMG GT S to 8 km/h and 0.2 seconds faster in the 0-100 km/h sprint test. The standard features of the GT-R transmission include suspension, active aerodynamics, rear-wheel drive, 9-way traction control and intelligent lightweight body construction.

Mercedes-AMG GT R is really a special car, In December last year, Sport Auto took the Mercedes-AMG GT R and completed a round of Nurburgring Nordschleife in just 7 minutes and 10.92 seconds – faster than the Dodge Viper ARC for about a second.

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