The new Apple Store in Singapore opens on May 27

Apple has just unveiled the outside covers of the new store in Orchard Road, Singapore. Everything is ready for opening on May 27 at that store.

After the artwork “Apple Loves Singapore” was shrouded outside of Apple Orchard Road, visitors were able to see the interior of the glass shop.

This store has two floors, the lower floor is the place to display Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, MacBook and other accessories for customers to look at or to buy. Meanwhile, the second floor is used to host “Today at Apple” classes.

Apple spent more than a year preparing for its first official retail store in Singapore. In November 2015, Apple first confirmed the plan to build the store, and at the same time the company began recruiting staff for the store. After opening on May 27, Apple Orchard Road will be opened from 10am to 10pm local time, all day of the week.

Besides opening Apple Orchard Road, Apple also launched the Today at Apple initiative on May 27. This is Apple’s initiative to promote the ability of iOS devices, macOS to customers. Recently, Apple has added a collection of photos of customers visiting Apple stores and attended code, photography, illustration and music production classes on iOS and macOS devices.





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