The little-known facts about Mac OS

Thomas Reed, a security expert at Malwarebytes, shared his experience of the myths of users when referring to Mac OS.

According to Forbes, many people who have never used Mac OS may think that this operating system is very secure, but the truth is not. Malwarebytes Security Specialist, Thomas Reed, shared the misconceptions about this operating system.

Mac computers can get infected by viruses

According to Thomas Reed, if the virus is considered malware or malware, it spreads in the computer by “sticking” itself to other files, then Mac OS and many other operating systems will be “Clean” because the viruses operating in that mode are largely absent today.

In fact, malicious code is a software that can harm your computer and user, including viruses, backdoors, spyware, and more. So he insisted Mac OS could still be infected by the virus, because this operating system had been exposed to various types of malicious code. In just 2012, 11 types of malicious code were detected on this operating system.

There are not many types of malicious code on Mac OS

According to Thomas, malicious code on Mac OS is very rare. Net Market Share data show Mac OS’s market is only 6.19%, while Windows is 91.76%. It is easy to understand that hackers choose to write malicious code to attack the more popular operating system.

However, experts have noted more of the other dangers are targeting Mac OS users. They include adware and unwanted programs (PUP).

Adware will install the malicious search engine into user’s browser and add unwanted ads. Adware-infected computers will become a tool for third-party advertising or search engine frauds.

Along with Adware, PUPs are unwanted programs that appear on the computer. They can be labeled as child monitoring software, computer junk or even anti-virus software.

These dangers, though not really harmful to the computer, still carry the potential risk. In 2015, a form of PUP related to MacKeeper software was discovered that created a vulnerability on the Mac computers that installed the program.

Mac OS is more secure than Windows

Mac OS is currently less threatening than Windows. Many different types of malicious code running on Windows are still detected daily, but unlike that, just one type of malicious code appears on the Mac OS, which will take months to resolve, Thomas said.

It is difficult to point out the obvious differences between the security of Mac OS and Windows security systems, the operating system with the apple logo still tends to be more secure when it comes to real threat statistics.

Mac OS has anti-malware software available

This is a software called XProtect, which is hidden by default and can not be off. It uses signatures to identify malicious code when a user opens a software program. But XProtect can block only known malware and malware, so the advice from Thomas is that users should not trust XProtect.

In addition, Mac fans can use more anti-malware software such as ESET Cyber Security, Kaspersky Internet Security or F-Secure Anti-Virus.

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