The latest version of Windows 10 can be installed by voice

With Cortana virtual assistant, users of Windows 10 Creators Update can reinstall the operating system completely by voice.

Over time, Windows versions are becoming easier to use. Ten years ago, setting up a computer was a difficult thing for basic users. Now they do not need manual setup steps, just sit back and customize them all by voice.

Cortana will help a lot for Windows 10 users. Photo: The Verge.

Accordingly, this feature will appear on the version of Windows 10 Creators Update. Right at the beginning of the installation, users will see the appearance of Cortana. Next, the Virtual Assistant helps users connect to Wi-Fi and log in to their Microsoft account.

With this, users can easily reset their PCs without resorting to Microsoft’s online help and technical support.

Many users said they were very pleased with the new feature on the Windows 10 update. The Cortana Assistant will provide suggestions as well as set up. In particular, users simply listen to and answer questions.

In addition, users can return to the keyboard and mouse at any time. They can also easily mute the virtual assistant of Microsoft.

Currently, users have been able to officially update to the version of Windows 10 Creators Update. With this update, Microsoft brings many new features as well as fixes the former inherent bug.

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