The largest Bitcoin Exchange in Korea was attacked, losing billions of Won

Bithumb, the world’s fourth largest and largest Bitcoin Exchange in Korea, is also the largest Ethereum Exchange in the world, was attacked by hackers, stealing billions of Won of customers.

The South Korean media reported that the Bithumb Exchange had been attacked and hacked into trading accounts of 31,800 customers, representing 3% of total customers of Exchange. The stolen information includes account name, customer name, email, phone number, along with all the Bitcoin and Ethereal of many customers have disappeared.

Bithumb’s representative confirmed that the hackers could not gain access to and execute transactions in virtual money funds stored on Bithumb. This means hackers can only steal personal information, not steal money.

However, in fact more than 100 Bithumb clients filed a complaint, claiming that they were not the only ones stolen personal information, but that the entire amount had been lost without a penny. The total amount stolen is estimated at billions of Won (Korean currency).

In an interview with local newspaper Kyunghyang Shinmun, one of the victims said: “The 10 million Won Bitcoins in my account disappeared overnight”.

According to preliminary investigation, victims who lost money may have been hacked by OTP (transaction confirmation passwords) by hackers, who can easily transfer money.

The attack was reported on June 29, 2017, and on June 30th, Bithumb announced the case to three separate governments, including the Korea Communications Commission, the Korea Internet and Security Service (KISA) And the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office.

Will Bithumb be legally responsible for the lost money? While, in this country, there is a lack of regulation on digitization, which is not recognized in any way. However, Bithumb Exchange said it would compensate each customer for 100,000 Won and would continue to evaluate the damages to return the stolen money to the customer.

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