The interesting features of Windows 10 Creators update

Microsoft has released Windows 10 Creators update with many interesting features.

Game Mode: Game mode allows the user to increase machine performance, reduce latency and optimize the game by reallocating system resources. This mode can be activated by pressing the Windows + G.

This feature is a control panel, allowing users to install and access everything on the Windows operating system. Access by creating a new folder on the Desktop named “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} “.

Activate Windows via account: For the first time, users can attach a Windows activation key to their Microsoft account instead of sticking to the hardware as they did before. With this change, users easily upgrade computer components without having to call Microsoft to get back the code.

Color Customizing: Users have many choices for color customizing and appearance in new updates. Activate by going to Start> Setting> Personalization> Colors and selecting the items to change.

Scroll the screen: Go to Setting> Devices> Mouse & Touchpad and drag the slider to customize the number of lines per mouse. This feature is quite useful for those who edit the text.

Cortana: Basically Conrtana in the new update is enabled by default and is somewhat smarter when instructing users to reset other features on the computer.

Xbox Streaming: This feature makes it fast to play games on Xbox One to Windows 10. This shows that Microsoft was more interested in supporting Xbox users.

Night light: This feature allows the user to customize the color temperature of the screen. Helps to use the device in low light areas easily and minimize eye irritation.

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