Harmony – The first sex robot has artificial intelligence in the world

Abyss Creations, maker of sex dolls announced the artificial intelligence Harmony. This is considered a step forward to bring products closer to real people.

Matt McMullen, CEO of Abyss Creations, RealDoll maker, is the creator of Harmony and the robot prototype. The company says the head of dolls contain intelligence that will be replacing old RealDoll sex dolls.

The product will be available after several months of testing.

Artificial intelligence on the robot allows the user identification, enabling them to interact by voice. Harmony will continue to learn about the user and remember the “main events” in which they will “create a simulation of a compelling relationship.”

Abyss chief executive Matt McMullen told Future of Sex magazine that the platform for Harmony is unlimited and that there will be AI versions with different sexes.

Because the Harmony AI application is not available in the App Store or Google Play, users must subscribe for about $20/year and download app directly from there. Also, current app is only available to Android users.

Like RealDoll, each robot has its own unique name and function. They can click lips, express and emit sounds just like human.

The sex robot that first appeared in the world in 2010 is Roxxxy. In many countries, these products cause varying arguments about moral values as well as social life.

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