The first iPhone 7 Red unboxing videos

On March 24, Apple will officially sell two special edition iPhone models, but somebody have already received these products.

Marques Brownlee, specializing in technology VLogger on YouTube, was one of the earliest persons have Red iPhone 7 Plus. Compared to the regular models, the product’s casing is different in text and logos when painted in red. While the accessories inside do not make any changes, still use white.

Like Jet Black, the Red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will only be available in 128GB and 256GB models, not 32GB. However, the paint of red is a matte finish rather than glossy like Jet Black.

According to Marques Brownlee, the red color is very beautiful in reality with dark tone, it’s difficult to stick to fingerprints and is also the most photocopier iPhone in the picture. But he was not happy with the white front instead of the black.

In addition to Brownlee, the Cnet technology page also received an iPhone 7 Plus Red Special Edition.

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