The apps for iPhone, iPad are being free for a short time

These apps cost between $ 0.99 and $ 5.99 on the App Store, but some apps like File New, Funny Poo, or Blicke are being free to users.

1. Bean’s Quest ($ 2.99)

This is a mobile game that is pretty much loved by its simple and eye-catching interface. The basic task of the player is to collect as many diamonds as possible.

2. Devious Dungeon ($ 2.99)

Devious Dungeon is a fast-paced escaped dungeon game, with varying levels of randomness. The goal of the player is finding the key and gaining certain points to get out of the level. Every 3 levels, the player can unlock a checkpoint and climb to the next level.

3. Blicke ($ 0.99 USD)

Blicke is a puzzle game with simple design but not easy to play. The player’s task is to direct the blocks to the same colored positions. Their colors always change with each level of game and as the difficulty increases.

4. Phoenix Photo Editor ($ 0.99)

This is also a photo-editing application with many nice effects and can be customized according to your preferences. In particular, Phoenix Photo Editor also allows the output image resolution up to 3000 x 3000 pixels.

5. File New ($ 1.99)

This is a simple image editing application, but it has a lot of built-in features. With File New, users can use 70 filters available for images, or edit their own preferences. It also offers fun icons, images, fun frames inserting feature, with over 400 designs divided into many themes. In addition, File New also integrates flipping, rotating, cutting and inserting text on images (more than 100 beautiful fonts).

6. Squarenotes ($ 1.99)

Instead of just regular notes, Squarenotes also offers the ability to insert photos into notes, help users mark important moments, and review them as a diary. The content on that is automatically synced to iCloud, so they do not lose if you delete manually on the device.

7. Funny Poo ($ 0.99)

This is a sticker package with a “fun trumpet” logo for iMessage on iOS 10. Besides sending regular stickers, users can also send stickers with inscriptions and expressions.

8. My Score Plus Weight Loss ($ 2.99)

This application helps users monitor exercise, calorie intake, weight and other weight-related activities. In addition, the application also offers food advice, checks the food should not eat, and can check the caloric content of each food through bar code scanner or QRCode.

9. Bokeh Photo Effects ($ 5.99)

Besides shooting and editing photos like other similar applications, Bokeh Photo Effects allows users to select a variety of Bokeh effects, making the image more beautiful and shimmering.

10. Faux Browser ($ 0.99)

This browser allows users to browse the web anonymously, all user information will not be saved. Faux Browser uses DuckDuckGo as a search engine.

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