The “appearance” and specifications of Canon EOS 200D

After more than four years of launching, Canon EOS 100D finally has its inherit. Nokishita, Japanese’s Camera information, released a series of photos of the DSLR which is considered the saga of the previous Canon SL1 series with a host of notable improvements.

It is known that this new camera, called Reble SL2 in the U.S. and other name in market, will be the EOS 200D. According to other leaked source, the camera will also be equipped with a 24MP crop sensor, 5 fts shooting speed and touch screen LCD capable of turning multiple angles.

The design and layout of the function buttons have changed a lot when compared to the 100D. Besides these points, the size and weight of the Canon EOS 200D is also better than the previous (122.4 x 92.6 x 69, 8 mm versus 117 x 91 x 69 mm and 453 g vs. 370 g).

It is expected that this camera will be introduced at the same time as 6D Mark II on June 29. Let’s wait and see what the new Canon brings to us in these two cameras.

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