Tesla Model 3 has a minimalist the interior

Despite of a small, Telsa Model 3 has comfortable interior space for drivers and passengers due to its minimalist design.

Telsa 3 is promoted as a breakout car and at least it is truly ground breaking in one area compared to other vehicles: it does not have clocks in front of the driver. Instead, the entire vehicle’s information is display on a 15-inch horizontal touch screen, centered on the center console. And unlike other automakers, Telsa does not switch functions to the steering wheel. There will be two joysticks and a pair of rollers on hand.

There have been rumors for months that Tesla will make this move, but we are now confirmed about it.

But the removal of traditional interior elements in the Tesla Model 3 is not just part of the clocks in the car. In fact, according to Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s chief designer, emphasized that the interior of the Model 3 was the most satisfying, creative, and most basic part of the interior.

“Everything we do must be beautiful, but it still has to be functional,” he said at a press conference before handing over the product at Tesla’s Fremont plant last Friday, when the company delivered 30 first Model 3 – for the majority of recipients was a Tesla employee.

Some commentators complained that the interior of Telsa was too small and they are not as high as compared to other luxury manufacturers. Telsa stressed that with a base price of $35.000- would be difficult to expect to have a luxurious and noble interior.

However, Holzhausen adds that the sleek, minimalist design of the Model 3 will allow driver to focus on driving or be driven away, when Model 3 hardware and software is designed to drive itself.

“It’s not like anything out there,” he said. “It brings advanced feeling, but not scary, and it will be suitable for many different ages.”

This is considered the most minimalist chair ever designed on a car at the level of Model 3. But it is still very spacious and comfortable. These seats can also be folded to extend the space of the rear compartment.

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