Supercars in the Logan blockbuster

The challenge for the design team of the “Logan” blockbuster is how to turn existing cars into products of 2029.

The latest episode of the X-Men series followed in the footsteps of an Old Wolverine in 2029. The mutant was separated from society and played the role of a driver for Professor X. Their car was a Chrysler limousine.

The limousine comes right from the start of the story and acts as an independent character. Nick Pugh, designer and artist, and production designer François Audouy and the car’s creators team revealed to Jalopnik the process of creating a machine dedicated to Logan.

Both the 2015 and 2016 Chrysler 300 were used in the film. The challenge with the design team is to visualize not only the shape but also the texture of the vehicle to match the scene and reality in the film.

The Wolf and Professor X’s Limo in “Logan”. Photo: 20th Century Fox.

Finally, the Chrysler body wrapped in a wide coat. The oversized design goes far beyond the original, making the rims and wheels even bigger.

The body, in addition to aesthetic, acts as a flexible makeup. There are many different bodywork designs, which can be removed, dirtied or riddled with a vehicle that looks like it has just gone through “hell”.

One part of the car was shot through holes. Photo: 20th Century Fox.

However, the “hero” limo, like the way Pugh calls, do not engage in adventurous acts or heavy acts, such as piercing the fence or flying through something. The heavy work is for a stunt car that has the capacity of 500 horsepower and looks identical to the Chrysler limo.

The replacement car has almost no interior, only a chair, tubular chassis, front and rear suspension. The bottom of the Chrysler’s body is a Baja-like structure, according to Pugh.

Chrysler limo version replaced. Photo: 20th Century Fox.

The challenge with Pugh and his colleagues is to create a car that is impressive enough, but not too noticeable because the focus remains on the protagonist, Logan.

The design concept came from the latest innovation in current car trends. The focus of the design is a conservative appearance. In the movie, Logan’s car has been at least five years old, so it can not sound fresh. The mutant who always seeks to be like an invisible man, out of sight and attention, as an unnamed limo driver. Therefore, the fiction and advanced does not fit the limo.

In the movie, members of Reaver’s army also have their own cars. The half-man half, the characters are like Logan’s anti-fans, so Reaver’s cars also reflects this.

A car of Logan hunter-hunting special forces. Photo: 20th Century Fox.

These are the cars that almost only have chassis and stunts, built from a large 4×4 chassis. Typically a Ram 1500 or less impressive is a Jeep Cherokee.

The truck detains Caliban, a mutant companion to Logan, which is a tractor with the only function of carrying containers from ship to truck. The interior is high tech to match the style and style of the Reaver.

Because the film is set in 2029, the car itself is another aspect to be considered. But how accurate technology is and how it needs to be demonstrated is another challenge. The answer lies in trucks and tractors.

The design team decided that the truck driving was more impressive than a normal self-driving car. Today, the truck’s cab demonstrates that a driver is still required. But once the human factor is eliminated, the design of the truck is beyond imagination.

Self-propelled trucks in “Logan”. Photo: 20th Century Fox.

“They’re completely oblivious to human or their health, they look threatening,” Pugh explains.

The self-propelled truck was actually a container with two small robots underneath with wheels and motors. They can connect and pull up to 20 containers at a time, or just one when needed.

Scenes with the appearance of self-steering trucks are very short, but enough to leave a mark, and suggest trends and tastes that may emerge on the roads in America in the future.

Logan premiered in the United States on March 3 and when it was launched in Vietnamese cinemas, the film was labeled C18 (forbidden to children under the age of 18) due to violent scenes.

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