Super mCharge: the world’s fastest phone charger within 20 minutes

A Chinese technology company has announced a new battery which only takes 20 minutes to charge to full. This company also claims that this super-fast charging does not damage battery.

The Chinese company Meizu has developed successfully a Super- mCharge technology- a revolution in the technology phone charging. The technology eked out better charging performance across the board to delivery much more power than your average phone charge.

According to Meizu, the new technology charge to full a phone battery within 20 minutes. Compared to the current state of technology this new device is very fast. The Galaxy S7, OnePlus 3, iPhone 7 and all the other phones take from 9 minutes to 2 hour to full the battery therefore it is huge change when this new one just takes up 20 minutes to do that thing.

Meizu also claims that this device system does not impact on the battery long ten, which is normal problem of the super- fast charging. That battery capacity remains on par with other devices, giving its life is expected about 2 years.

What is not clear is when and where this device will show up but the Android smartphones is likely to use this tech soon.


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