Strange car parks in the world

They are not simply empty land on asphalt or concrete, sandy soils, car parks below are special and unusual spaces compared to the concept inherent.

Ballet Valet (Miami, US)

Miami was known for its parkitecture trend in 1996 when the Ballet Valet was born next to Miami Beach. The space impresses with the greenness of the trees covering the front of the parking floor.

Kansas City Library car park (USA)

The wall of the car park is a drawing of 22 popular books, each about 6.7 meters high. The two sides of the ladder are also pictures of stacked books.

Garage No. 1111 Lincoln Street (Miami, US)

Up to $65 million, the garage has almost no walls, with a capacity of about 300 cars, some high-end stores and some expensive apartments.

Garage Tower of the Volkswagen (Germany)

The twin towers are in the visitors’ area near the Volkswagen factory (Wolfsburg, Germany). 20-storey tower with a capacity of 400 cars per tower. After the customer selects the car, the robot will bring the car down from the giant “honeycomb”.

The tower connects to the factory via an underground tunnel of 700 m. As cars crossed the tunnel to the base of the tower, the cars were lifted up by robot to the parking positions with speed of 1.5 m/sec.

Q-park on Charles Street (Sheffield, England)

The building is characterized by shape of wall blocks in different angles bring the appearance with unique texture. Space of 520 seats divided into 10 floors.

Parc des Célestins (Lyon, France)

The ground-floor parking lot completed in 1994 has won awards for unique design. The up and down wheel around the central “well” and at the bottom is transformed into a circular motion mirror that mirrors vaulted door frames simultaneously bringing the illusion of endlessness.

Veranda car park (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Parking space for 650 cars, while also having space for shops as well as restaurants. The building is not only attracted from the outside, but the interior design is also impressive.

Parking space is divided into 4 underground and 4 upper floors, dedicated ground floor for shops.

Engelenschanze Car park (Stuttgart, Germany)

All-glass wall surface gives a completely natural daylight, and reflects the sparkle at night. A small courtyard, a small river and a small waterfall inside give a sense of relaxation like in a spa.

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