Sony watch strap turns the watch into a smartwatch

Japanese manufacturer’ accessory adds footage and NFC interfaces to traditional watches.

While other brand name launched many smartwatch model, Sony chose its own direction by developing a smart strap which is called Three Hands Square for regular watches

The product is available in 18.20 mm and 22 mm sizes, it is also available for square or round dial watches. Three Hands Square leather strap allows for allows user to measure footage and connect NFC for mobile payments. It will be available at the end of December at 8.380 yen with variety colors for customer.

Besides these two features, Three Hands Squares steel strap is added LED notification. This accessory will be available in July with only 22mm size and the price up to 36.880 yen for black and 33.880 yen for silver.

Sony currently has planned to sell Three Hands Square in Japan without information to release its products to overseas markets.

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