Sony announces the world’s fastest memory card

Sony has announced its new SF-G line of SDXC cards which is claimed to be the world’s fastest memory cards.

According to SlashGear, SF-G memory card from Sony will help solve the current bottleneck when dealing with 4K video. Specifically, the memory card can write data at speeds up to 299 MB/s. For comparison, common class the 10 UHS-I Memory Card max out 80 MB/s, though there are a few that reaches 260 MB/s.

These interesting numbers are not there just for the goal of boasting, of course. In fact, it means that digital cameras will not be slowed down by the slow writing speeds of the memory cards. Moreover, digital cameras will no longer meet the current bottleneck when in heavy work such as continuous shooting or filming which demand the 4K images video, require high performance and higher capacity memory.

Besides, Sony is making available an MRW-S1 card reader designed specifically to support the fast read and write feature of the SF-G series. It uses a standard USB 3.1 connection the fastest transfer speeds from card to PC.

Sony has not revealed the price of this SF-G card, we just know the available in 32GB, 64GB and 128 GB capacities will on store in March, while the MRW-S1 card reader will come later in April.

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