Solar energy hat helps to charge the mobile battery

Transforming the Solar energy into electricity, the SolSol hat can accumulate 200 mAh per hour.

Designed like a baseball hat, SolSol was created by Paul and Edward, two founders of Unique Creative Ideas, a Spanish-based company. SolSol in Spanish also means Solar.

With panels mounted on the brim of the hat, the energy absorbed is converted into electricity and the user can charge the phone via the USB port on the back of the hat. Looks like a normal hat.

While not as effective as a spare battery, SolSol can generate energy equivalent to 200mAh per hour, and is purely “clean energy”. The hat has also passed rigorous safety tests, before appearing on the market.

The product is sold for $ 56 in various colors and designs. Unfortunately, it’s only available for charging for Android-powered mobile devices.

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