Samsung’s TV, smartwatch have dangerous security vulnerabilities

The Tizen operating system on Smart TV, smartwatch or smartphone from Samsung has 40 security flaws.

Israel security researcher Amihai Neiderman has published about 40 security flaws on the Tizen platform at the Security Conference organized by Kaspersky. According to him, all the vulnerabilities found are important, allowing hackers to control Samsung devices remotely.

Security experts said that Tizen operating system has many security vulnerabilities.

Among these, the most noteworthy is a vulnerability for hackers to access the Tizen Store and put malware on it. At this time, hackers can access, install or change any software, thereby hijacking the top of Smart TV, smartwatch or smartphone running Tizen.

Neiderman became interested in Tizen’s security after he bought a Samsung Smart TV last year. Israeli experts say Tizen is the “worst” platform he has ever tried. “It looks like it was written by people who did not have any knowledge of security”, he said.

Neiderman said he contacted Samsung a few months ago about security flaws in its system, but did not receive any responses other than automated responses. However, Samsung said it had worked with the security expert to fix it.

According to Samsung, the open source Tizen has appeared on 50 million devices by the end of 2016. The operating system is used on smartwatches Gear S3, Smart TV… According to WikiLeaks, Agency US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has exploited the vulnerability on Samsung TV to eavesdrop on users.

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