Samsung’s success is about to be decided

The moment the Galaxy S8 is sold will determine the future of Samsung, help it rise after the Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion or continue to sink.

On April 21, Galaxy S8 will be delivered to customers. This is the first phone Samsung has launched since the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 globally.

Apparently the S8 was born in the context of not really convenient if not want to say extremely difficult. However, the initial impression that this phone model created is extremely astounding. From a design perspective, the S8 features an overhead curved screen. The material of the machine is glass and metal, giving the user a comfortable grip and grip.

Compared to the iPhone 7, the Galaxy S8 is lightweight even with larger screens. Though not officially sold, Samsung’s phones have become the most popular superstar in 2017. Breakthroughs in design, including wireless charging or top-notch cameras, have made the S8s attractive.

However, after the Note 7 incident, people have reasons to worry. The first is the battery problem. If Samsung left S8 batteries exploding, they would have a hard time getting up. In addition, Samsung also admitted their Bixby virtual assistant will not be ready when the phone is sold. Obviously, Samsung is weaker than Amazon, Apple and Google in this regard.

Actually, Samsung was not able to create Bixby as a pioneer, while the S8 was also equipped with Google Assistant, the number one virtual assistant for Android phones. However, users may confuse the two virtual assistants together and that inadvertently become lucky with Samsung.

When Bixby will be ready by the end of spring, the dedicated button to call Bixby next to the S8 will still be used only for the “scene”. This should not have happened in the context of Samsung’s efforts to please users after the pin incident of Note 7 which was warmly welcomed last year.

Nevertheless, S8 still meets most expectations. Although Samsung did not disclose sales orders, but in the US, S8 subscribers were higher than S7 last year – a good sign before the product was delivered to customers.

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