Samsung will make Galaxy Note 7 unable to charge battery

Samsung has taken strong measures to remove the smartphone that users have not paid back.

Currently, 96% of the 3 million Galaxy Note 7s sold on the market have been returned to manufacturers.

Samsung has introduced measures such as cash back, gift giving, 60% charge capacity, or even phone connection to the network … to force users to bring the phone.

However, 3% of users still try to hold the phone, which is about 120,000 units of the Galaxy Note 7 are floating in the market. So the Korean phone company has decided to launch a new update, expected later this month, to make the Galaxy Note 7 unable to charge.

Considered the best smartphone in the world when launched in 8/2016, Galaxy Note 7 was soon encountered and was recalled twice by Samsung before the death of the first 10/2016, due to repeated fire occurred.

By the end of January 2017, the company said design errors with the battery cover too small caused the internal components of the battery to squeeze, caused overheating, forced them to recall the product. When switching to another supplier, due to the pressure to throw out enough replacement batteries in too short time, the battery continued to fail during production, caused Galaxy Note 7 to be recalled for the second time.

Samsung spokesman said the Note 7 incident did not significantly affect the schedule for announcing or distributing the Galaxy S8 and the company will soon regain consumer confidence.

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