Samsung prepares $1 billion for buying AI companies

Not stopping at Bixby (a virtual assistant app ) that Samsung expectantly to release, Samsung is also raising a bigger ambition for the artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

According to PhoneArena, a Samsung Electronics US officer reported that this brand is trying to making their own position in the field of Al. For this endeavor, Samsung is going to spend $1 billion in acquiring companies which are working in AI.

In 2016, Samsung bought 10 tech businesses, including the purchase of Viv Labs, a firm that was run by some of the creators of Apple’s Siri. Although Samsung is also spending up to $ 8 billion acquisition of car infotainment enterprise Harman International, Samsung’s managers determined that the objective upcoming investment is the company still works in the field of artificial intelligence.

It seems to everything Samsung is looking for is to ensure the factors that help the company become the leader in mobile software. Chosun Biz, Korean news agency said in the past Samsung missed the chance to buy the Android OS before Google in 2005, which could have made it the most influential player on the market.

Reportedly, Bixby is coming next time. The platform will be on Galaxy S8 that phone the company plans to launch in April this year, before to be setting on other products of Samsung in the near future. Their investment in AI technology will help Samsung to improve and enhance the existing AI.

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