Samsung is launching the AI speaker and the mobilephone can roll

On Aug 13, Samsung Electronics Co said  that the Korean tech giant is about to launch its new AI – Galaxy Home speaker, which has a distinctively modern sound quality that is completely different from its competitors on the market.

Initial information about the first AI speaker was revealed at the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Electronics’ chairman, Koh Dong-jin, who is also responsible for Samsung’s IT and mobile division, said Galaxy Home speakers will focus on sound quality, because users tend to pay more attention to this factor than other features on this product.

Galaxy Home will have six AKGs (branded speakers from Harman International Industries Inc., a subsidiary of Samsung), along with seven microphones to provide high quality audio and improve voice recognition and execute user requests or orders.

Koh said the design of the speakers was inspired by traditional Korean vase designs, with three different pedestals, distinct from most of the circular-shaped speakers on the market.

Galaxy Home can connect to Samsung mobile phones and other smart appliances. The speaker is expected to be officially announced at Samsung’s developer conference in November.

Along with Galaxy Home, Samsung Electronics said it is strategically becoming the first technology company in the world to launch a smartphone that can be rolled up in the near future.

Koh said Samsung does not want to be “missed out on the first place” in the race with major technology companies around the world, including Apple Inc. of America and Huawei of China – are also preparing for the launch of rolling Mobile phones.

Samsung Electronics President Samsung has maintained a strong position in emerging markets and will maintain its lead in efforts to build capacity in AI, IoT and 5th generation mobile technology platform (5G). According to Koh, Samsung’s first 5G smartphone will be a separate model and not the Galaxy S10.

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