Samsung has updated Smart Switch to attract customers 

Not only Apple but also Samsung has its own service to support customers moving data from other mobile platforms to Galaxy phones.

Samsung wants to make getting rid of the old smartphone and switching to one of your new Galaxy becomes easier. Specifically, Samsung has completely redesigned site which supports Smart Switch users.

The Smart Switch is a service that allows users to freely move content from their old phones to any recently released Galaxy devices. The smart thing is that the Smart Switch supports data transfer from any phone running the operating system. This data migration feature is especially useful when you own valuable photos, videos and contacts from your old device.

The Smart Switch is now compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Mobile as well as BlackBerry. It also comes with three other ways to facilitate data transfer includes wirelessly through the Smart Switch application, directly via telephone cable or via the Smart Switch software on desktop.

When you established a connection with your new device, Smart Switch will allow you to select files and settings you want to transfer from your old device. When the conversion is complete, your new device will have the look and feel you are used to.

The Korean phone maker says that the software is compatible with Galaxy S2 and newer devices (including tablets) running on Android 4.0 and higher.

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