Samsung has launched two completely new display technologies

Samsung has officially launched a new OLED display with the extraordinary flexibility at the 2017 Society for Information Display event taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The flexible OLED is not something new, but these available products are not really flexible because they can only bend in a limited way. For example, Samsung Galaxy S8 with the curved screen edges but it does not have a flexible screen.

The new 9.1-inch OLED prototype that Samsung has just released can change the industry. This display is really flexible, it can be rolled up like a sheet of paper, can be bent without breaking, can even depress down to 1.2cm and still return to its original shape.

Samsung says that this flexible OLED display technology can be widely used in the future. We can create smartphones that will not break the display when they fall, or we can create smart devices that are extremely flexible on the wrist, or a touch screen that can be posted on every surface.

In addition to the flexible OLED display, Samsung also unveiled a 1.96-inch LCD screen with a resolution of up to 4K. That means the pixel density of this monitor is 2,250 dpi, a record figure.

This screen will be used for VR virtual reality glasses. That means the computer system will have to process images on both 4K screen pixel density of 2,250 dpi. This system will need to be able to handle extremely large amounts of data.


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