Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: What’s the rumour so far?

LG is working for a launch of a new Android phone, this product will directly compete with Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 8. Unlike last year when the Galaxy S7 overweighed LG G5 images even when two phones launched on the same day, this year LG G6 have a lot of time to shine at MWC 2017 before Samsung introduce Galaxy S8 at the end of March.

According to ETNews, LG G6 will have 3200 mAh capacity battery, it means that this latest phone will have more 400 mAh when making a comperasion with LG G5. However this is non-removal battery because of having a advanced water resistant design. ETNews also stated that LG can reach to 12 hours battery life on standard internet.

While Galaxy S8 is expected to own Galaxy 3.000mAh battery, equal with Galaxy S7 and have less battery power than LG G6. This can be a huge problem, because both this blockbuster expect similar features and battery life is always key when customers want a phone.

In addition, there are a few major differences of the two phone also affects battery life. LG G6 will own 821 Snapdragon processor, while the Galaxy S8 will own the new chip manufactured on 10nm process, which is expected to be faster and more energy savings. LG G6 and Galaxy S8 will have the same size display, but Samsung’s OLED display can consume less energy than LCDs LG. All this information is based on speculation and leaked because LG and Samsung have not officially confirmed any rumors regarding the two upcoming blockbuster.


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