Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus clear pictures, accessories and prices

The Android MX page has posted a series of images supposedly from Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Some accessories like cases, wireless chargers are also available at listed prices.

n just a few days, Samsung will officially launch the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. A series of images leaked about the design, configuration of flagship appear regularly on the site, forum.

Recently the Android MX page has posted a series of clear images of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. This is considered the most complete route with the camera application, web browser is active.

This page also offered a series of accessories for the Galaxy S8 include: Case, leather case with keyboard, wireless charging. Each accessory is priced in detail.

Not long ago, YouTube Gadget View also posted two videos on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. However, in that video may only be experimental, can not use the features inside.

Here are some latest photos of the Galaxy S8 couple.

It is possible that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will use the infinity 18:9 screen.
The Galaxy S8 Plus will has a 6.2-inch screen, standard version has 5.8-inch screen.
A bulb-shaped, LED-type case with a keypad costs €59.99. The NFC chip case costs less than €10.
€29.99  plastic case, transparent case, €19,99 back cover, €12,99 screen sticker.
€150 The DeX charger , in addition to wireless charging, DeX also used to export images from the Galaxy S8.

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