Samsung Galaxy A 2017 duo- More than just an upgrade

Samsung’s Galaxy A5 and A7 dual Sims have been upgraded in terms of design, features, and hardware to inherit the strengths of the high-end S lineup.

The Galaxy A 2017 still uses the same metal frame and dual-lens design as the previous generation, but the lines inherited from the design of the Galaxy Note 7 make the machine more seamless and beautiful. The dorsal aspect uses curved glass on all four sides, in which the two sides are curved more and more to hold the arms tight and firm. The back camera is not protruding as before to help the back surface more harmonious, however, the glass is easy to grip fingerprints. Users should also clean the camera lens when shooting for the best picture quality.

The front of the machine does not change compared to the previous generation from the layout of the camera, home button integrated fingerprint sensor and two touch-sensitive functions.

In the frame, Samsung made a round shape with two curved glass. The company does not use the diamond cut as before to make the machine more seamless as well as feel the best hold. In particular, Samsung has equipped with IP68 waterproof, the same as the Galaxy S7 for this mid-range model.

The loudspeaker of the machine is passed through the right edge, above the power button. The opposite side is the volume up and down button. Samsung uses two sim slots for its device, one of which is the sim card 1 slot on the left side, the second sim card slot and the memory card on the top. With two separate sim and memory card slots, users can easily remove and replace sims. The charger port and the headphone jack are located below the phone, and Samsung has also switched to USB Type C for its new model.

The Galaxy A 2017 uses Samsung Super AMOLED panel and has Full HD resolution. The monitor’s display quality is good with clearer and crisper images and colors. Samsung also allows users to customize the color display according to the available modes or customize to their liking.

High brightness is the advantage of smartphones using Super AMOLED panels, users can easily use the machine in the sun. Sensitive light sensor rapidly changes under different lighting conditions. Samsung also equipped to block the green eye protection for the new generation Galaxy A.

The Always On feature is also included on the new A line so users can check their notifications without turning on the monitor.

Galaxy A 2017 is running Android 6.0 with TouchWiz interface. This can be seen as a condensed configuration of the high-end S series and phone’s features are almost the same.

Fingerprint sensor not only has the security function to open the phone but also use to open folders containing images or private applications of users.

Dual-sim feature simplicity without distinction of main and secondary sim, users can set the 2 sim mode working  simultaneously or automatically transfer the call from sim 1 via sim 2 or vice versa, to avoid losing contact while making another call. This feature is not supported by any dual-sim smartphone. Samsung also made two separate sim trays, in which, the sim 2 tray has a memory card slot for users to replace the sim or memory card more convenient.

The Galaxy A5 and A7 duos have been upgraded to the camera when front and rear cameras have 16 megapixel resolution. The rear camera supports optical anti-shake and has an f / 1.9 aperture for better illumination.

The camera also features a quick launch feature by double-clicking the Home button. The image quality of the camera is more detailed and sharp, the colors are more accurate than before, the depth of field is good, the bokeh is beautiful thanks to the lens f / 1.9. Samsung offers a wide range of shooting modes, such as continuous shooting, Panorama, HDR, video capture or capture with sound, etc.

Pro mode on Galaxy A 2016 is still similar to previous life, can only interfere with parameters such as white balance (ISO), ISO (from 100 to 800) as well as brightness compensation (+/- 2) without manual focus, shutter speed, exposure, RAW image saving.

The Galaxy A is focused on the selfie feature with its up-front camera up to 16 megapixels, three times the size of the previous generation, wide-angle lens, wide-angle selfie feature, Beautiful portraits. In addition, both front and back camera support video recording with Full HD quality 1.080p.

The new Galaxy A 2017 uses an eight-core chip with a clock speed of 1.9 GHz, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. Both offer better and smoother basic tasks, and heavy applications or games still work well. The device maintenance feature will check for and allow users to detect malicious applications, abnormal battery usage, application crashes, shutdown of hidden applications, as well as freeing of memory. Battery is also upgraded when comparing to the previous generation: Galaxy A5 with 3000 mAh and Galaxy A7 with 3600mAh .


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