Samsung denies smart TV has a security vulnerability

Samsung says their smart TVs are not affected by the vulnerability found on the Tizen platform.

About 40 security vulnerabilities in the Tizen operating system have been reported by an Israeli security researcher. These vulnerabilities are believed to be critical, allowing hackers to control, remotely control Samsung smart devices, including smart TVs.

Samsung claims that its smart TVs are not affected by vulnerabilities on the Tizen platform.

According to Samsung, they reviewed and analyzed the vulnerability mentioned above and found that their smart TVs were unaffected. The reason given by the manufacturer is that despite using the open platform – Tizen, the code applied on their smart TVs is encrypted and added layers of security.

In announcement in 2015, Samsung said their smart TV was designed with five security principles, including building a security barrier from design, end-to-end encryption, transparency, user-centric and user responsibility.

In addition to the security vulnerabilities that Samsung denies, WikiLeaks published in 3/2017 that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) attacked Samsung’s smart TVs for surveillance purposes. And in 2015, Korean manufacturer was suspected of tracking users but Samsung also denied.

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