Samsung confirms will sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7

Samsung will bring Galaxy Note 7 back with environmentally friendly refurbishment.

On official blog, Samsung announced it would bring Galaxy Note 7 back to market, through environmentally friendly recycling and remodeling.

However, Galaxy Note 7 will not be back in stock, but will be sold as refurbished or rented, depending on market and policy.

Galaxy Note 7 will return to the market. Photo: PocketNow.

Samsung also said that the devices after the recall were removed for reuse. The expensive metal decomposition of copper, nickel, gold and silver inside the Note 7 is carried out in accordance with the process of ensuring environmental standards.

For semiconductor components and camera modules, Samsung will authorize specialized companies for testing purposes. This also means that the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 will use the new camera clusters.

On blog, Samsung also revealed that the company is planning to participate in research activities, developing new production methods friendly to the environment.

However, Samsung has not announced which markets the Galaxy Note 7 will shelves. Specific times and prices have not been disclosed yet.

October 20, 2016, Samsung decided to recall Galaxy Note 7 globally after a series of fire incident. This model possesses many new technologies such as underwater pen, iris scanner and super fast camera. Galaxy Note 7 is also the shortest Android life cycle ever.

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