Roast pan is equipped Wi-Fi and camera

Gourmia roast pan is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection and a camera so that user can track maturity of the food while cooking.

Gourmia, a device maker based in Brooklyn (US), has introduced the FryHigh Auto Rotisserie Multi-fryer ($150) and the Free Fry 360-Degree Turbo XP Air Fryer with Wi-Fi ($180) at the International Furniture Fair in Chicago last week. Both products are on Amazon.

This camera has a camera called Cook Cam mounted outside the kitchen to look inside through a transparent glass. You can take photos and videos while cooking through an app called Gourmia. Photos of dishes that you cook will show up on the app, so you can be sure you are doing well.

Gourmia’s camera is equipped with software that recognizes certain foods and cooks them automatically.

In the past, the company has announced that it will integrate with Alexa, Amazon’s voice using virtual assistant and compatible Google Home’s smartspeaker. The pressure to compete with other devices has put the plan on hold.

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