Ransomware WannaCry becomes more dangerous with four new versions

Ransomware WannaCry is being developed with more versions by hackers. While the current WannCry version hasn’t been handled, some new versions  appear and 4 four new versions, which are on over the world, shares the same features with the first one.


Among the copies, DarkoderCrypt0r is considered more complete than the old version. Even almost the interface of DarkoderCrypt0r is derived from WannaCry, there are two main differences are the title and the sending bitcon address. However, DarkoderCrypt0r can only encrypt files on the user’s desktop and turning the whole files into a DARKCRY file. This software has the original name is @ DaKryEncryptor @ .exe on the computer.


ARON WANACRYPT0R 2.0 GENERATOR V1.0 is the software which allows users create their own WannaCry. This version can be used to change the content of the text, images and color of notification screen. The trial of this ransomware can be developed to use as an extortion software.


WANNA CRYPT V2.5 is still in the developing process. However, it seems that this version have the same feature with the old version. Fortunately, this version doesn’t have extortion function.


Both WANNA CRYPT V2.5 and WANNA CRYPT V4.0 are still in the developing process and do not execute any encrypted data command. One interesting thing is that Thai is supported for this version and it can be created by Thai hacker.

Although these versions are still developing, we can not pay less attention with this type of malware. Backing up your data to the cloud backup service or using the famous anti-virus software to prevent your computer from this kind of new Ransomware.


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