Ransomware self-deciphered for poor victims

The hacker decrypted for the Taiwanese victims of ThunderCrypt ransomware because they can not afford to pay the ransom.

According to Cnet, a series of computers in Taiwan were attacked by ThunderCrypt earlier this month. This is a ransomware that works similarly to WannaCry, which encrypts user data and ransom.

PCs infected with ThunderCrypt give a 0.345 Bitcoin ransom note (nearly $600) to the victims if they wish to retrieve the data. However, most victims did not pay due to the large amount of money.

One victim “boldly” sent a letter to the hacker via the address on the bulletin board. The letter says he earns only $400 a month, which if used for daily living would not be enough to pay the ransom. Therefore, he expects hackers to “untie” his data.

As if this was just a hopeless rescue letter, but the user’s data was then decoded free of charge. This has also happened to other users who are encrypted by ThunderCrypt.

In an email reply, the hacker said: “We have overestimated the income of the people of Taiwan. This campaign seems to fail. You do not pay any money, because we will decrypt the data for you. This process is completely automated when the computer is connected to the Internet”.

The incident occurred while the WannaCry blackmail was raging worldwide, with at least more than 100,000 computers in more than 150 countries and territories being attacked. Unfortunately, as victims of ThunderCrypt in Taiwan, victims of WannaCry have to pay a ransom if they want to retrieve their data.

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